Following Jesus in a Crazy Season

Updated 3.12.20 at 6pm

Hi Reach family,

I’m writing to help us navigate how to Be the Church and Reach the City when everything goes upside down. I’m hoping this will come across like our church desires to be: full of sincerity and suggestions for simple next steps. The trick is, those simple next steps are hard and bold. Following Jesus is easy enough to understand – but nearly always hard to do. I’m no master at this.

When we set out to plant a church 7 years ago, one of the questions the Holy Spirit put in my mind was “What would we do if the church in the US was forced to adapt like the church in China one day?”

As our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world and in history have modeled for so long, hope in Jesus tends to take deep root in a culture that is suffering. What if out of all this awfulness, God begins to capture the hearts and minds of our ourselves and our neighbors deeply? Read here to see what a church in Hong Kong has been doing to keep their spirits strengthened and neighbors invited these last months in quarantine.

For some of us, this will be a forced season of slowing down. Some will require extreme caution. For some, this is THE time to step up and get off the bench.  

We have four values that guide how we can Be the Church and Reach the City. As we become a primarily digital church for a season, they’ll continue to serve us well.

Value 1: Gospel – How you can turn to Jesus

  • Each Sunday we’ll gather online at to be encouraged and challenged by the Bible, Pastor Brian, and a variety of other voices. While we miss each other’s faces, the Spirit prompts us to be present as the temple of the Living God!
  • Video teaching is available for everyone across the life of our church. Kids, Youth, College, and Women’s teams are all innovating ways to grow.
  • Resources of all kinds are being produced: DNA Guides, podcasts, videos, links, etc.

Value 2: Worship – How you can lift your spirit

  • Our musicians have written songs that were intended to help us battle worry and fear. Get on it and listen now! More to come...
  • Guided prayer and meditation resources are on the way.

Value 3: Community – How you can stay connected

  • DNAs (same-gender groups of 3-5) are the main thing we do for care and growth.
  • Please tell us what your DNA is doing HERE. We need to know if you’ve got people caring for you!
  • Want to start a DNA in this crazy season? Click HERE.
  • Online Meet-ups are a great way to stay connected with folks.
  • Weekly Prayer Meet-ups are Mondays at 8pm. (We had 40+ people this week.)
  • Meet-ups for men’s prayer, mission, testimony, and even trivia night are online or coming soon. Want to host one? Click HERE.
  • If you need help or prayer, please click HERE.

Value 4: Mission – What can I do? What is Reach doing?

Have a need?

  • If your life and livelihood has been affected and greatly diminished by the COVID-19 pandemic, please use this form to let us know what specific ways our community can help you. This can include assistance with grocery bills, gas for cars, paying for pharmacy bills/medicines, and covering utility bills. We will do our best to help connect you with someone who can meet your need.
  • With the mandated statewide closure of schools, many families are in need of supplemental resources, such as food and health care. Community members and local organizations are stepping up to fill in the gaps, and this list of resources for King, Pierce and Snohomish counties will be consistently updated by the Seattle Times.
  • Anyone on EBT/SNAP for groceries, you may get up to $50 of your grocery reimbursed through


  • Kirkland Nourishing Network gives Safeway gift cards for school counselors to distribute to families in need. With our support, they can provide a $50 grocery cards to families on free or reduced lunch programs.
  • Regular giving notes – Reach’s commitment to financially support Jesus’ mission in Seattle and beyond continues even amidst this crisis, and your giving to Reach supports the organizations listed here, as well as children in the foster care system through our collaborations with Olive Crest and the WA Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF). You can continue to support the mission of the church by giving online at or on the Reach app.


  • If you can meet a need in this season, please complete the form here to be matched with someone in our community who has a specific need (may be financial) based on your ability to provide support.
  • United Way of King County maintains a list of COVID-19 friendly volunteer opportunities that help support urgent community needs while honoring public health requirements.

If there’s a question you’ve got that’s not answered here, you’ll be able to find everything we’re up to at

Jesus loves you. He truly does. And he trusts you to be his ambassador. So let’s begin a new way for the here and now.

As always, feel free to send me a note at I’d love to hear from you.

Josh Siegel
Community Pastor