Welcome Lead

Job Description

The Role

What would you say you do here?

Reach’s mission is to be the church and to reach the city, and we desire to express the same spirit of welcome and generosity that Jesus has shown us to everyone who belongs to Reach. Our Welcome Lead exemplifies our culture of joyful service, discipleship, and belonging by leading our Sunday Serve Teams, influencing our Sunday experience, and bringing event and volunteer management.

The Welcome Lead has a unique blend of being gifted in both people skills and administrative mastery. You're a bit of a unicorn, but we can’t imagine our church without you!

The Right Fit

What qualities does a person in this position bring to the table?  

  • Joyful and welcoming: For many, you and your teams will be the first people at Reach they interact with.
  • An eager self-starter: We’re committed to setting you up for success, but the more work you’re able to take the reins of and champion yourself, the better!
  • Both efficient and effective: Efficiency isn’t our ultimate goal. You’ll have to regularly discern what is not only the most efficient way to get something done, but what is most effective as well.
  • Proficient with both people and processes: You can’t do this role by yourself, and you’ll need to be able to constantly build and/or improve processes. Again, you’re a bit of a unicorn.

Your Core Responsibilities

Bring leadership to Sunday Serve Teams
  • Lead Welcome & Connection Teams. Develop the strategy and tactics for Reach’s welcome experience on Sundays. Recruit, onboard, schedule, and equip Welcome & Connection Team members
  • Support the Prayer Team. Collaborate with our Prayer Lead to onboard and schedule Prayer Team members and further a culture of prayer and intercession at Reach.
  • Support our celebration of  celebrating service & hospitality. Serving is belonging, and we want to honor and celebrate those serving across ALL our volunteer teams (including Ops, Gatherings, etc.) in the life of the church.
Sunday/Event Experience, First Impressions, & Ministry Logistics
  • Assist the Executive Director and Gatherings Team in championing the planning, preparation, and execution of church wide events.

The Fine Print

(because we believe clarity is kind! 🥳)

Manager Support: The Welcome Lead will report to the Executive Director.

Lead > Do: You can only work so many hours in a week. Our Teams can do hundreds of hours of work if we equip them. Reach Staff are hired to LEAD, not just DO.

Working vs. Serving: Any time spent serving the church in a capacity unrelated to your role (leading a Group, volunteering on a Serve Team, etc) are not considered working hours. Just as we encourage the church family to serve, you’re encouraged to sacrificially serve in a life-giving manner.

Additional Expectations: The Welcome Lead is expected to work an average of 10-15 hours per week. Some weeks will be a bit more; some weeks will be a bit less.

To apply for this position, email your cover letter and resume to hr@reachchurch.cc