Series Schedule

Don’t do life alone.

God cares about unity.
We do too.

During his final days on earth, Jesus used precious time to pray for the Father to make us one. Apparently unity is of the utmost importance to God. ⁠It is meant to bring God glory, us joy, and a glimpse of God’s love to those yet to experience it.

In 2020 we will pursue true unity by leaning into conversations that often try to divide us. ⁠It will be challenging. ⁠It will be uncomfortable. ⁠And it will be so very worth it.⁠, why do this?

Series Schedule

Sundays at 9:30 + 11:15am at Lake Washington High School

Part 1: The Gospel & Race

Part 2: The Gospel & Sexuality (Postponed)

Part 3: The Gospel & Politics

More coming soon.

Why do this?

By bringing clarity, consistency and compassion to matters of race, sexuality and politics, we hope to equip the people of Reach for winsome conversations and faithful living. The call to unity and faithfulness is a timeless one, but we also find ourselves in a unique cultural moment that is marked by intense emotion toward all three of our intended topics.

Winsome conversations among people from different backgrounds have become far too rare, and it has become far too common for many communities of faith to avoid matters of great importance. It often feels like we must pick between proclaiming truth and loving those on the margins. We refuse to choose one at the expense of the other, and we expect the Holy Spirit to move in profound ways as we move forward. We hope you will join us for the journey, and invite people you care about to do the same.

What does Reach believe about justice?

One of the difficulties of simply being a human these days is the way words change meaning so quickly. “Justice” is a great example of a word that Christians must fight to clarify and embody, because, biblically speaking, it is God's very heartbeat throughout both the Old and New Testaments. In this video, Pastor Brian and Dr. Gerry Breshears open the scriptures to hold up the importance of the word “justice”, and call our church to reflect God's heart by caring about the things he cares about.