Lent, Week Three: February 25 - March 2

Sunday, February 25

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31

Prayer Prompt

Pray for a heart of humility and understanding for the glory of God and what He has given us in Jesus.

Monday, February 26

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31, James 4:10

Explanation + Reflection

Humility is a character trait that can be difficult in our culture. God calls us to be counter cultural by seeking to get low like Jesus and humble ourselves before God.

Journal Prompt

What are areas in your life you can humble yourself and “get low”?

Tuesday, February 27

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31, Philippians 2:3

Explanation + Reflection

As Christians, we are called to look to the needs of others the same as we look out for ourselves. God wants to partner with us to meet the needs of the people He loves.

Journal Prompt

Who is one person you can commit to praying for? Ask God to give you imagination for how you can be the hands and feet of Jesus to them.

Wednesday, February 28

Join Prayer + Worship today from Noon-1pm

In-person at the Reach Offices or tune in on your lunch hour via our livestream on YouTube.

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31, Romans 12:3-8

Explanation + Reflection

God is so good to create a diverse and unique world of human beings with their own specific call and gift. When we cultivate appreciation for the way He has created this diverse world, we realize we are a beautiful puzzle piece in the grand finished work.

Journal Prompt

How does cultivating a humble heart contribute to a deeper sense of gratitude towards God and others?

Thursday, February 29

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31, Job 38

Explanation + Reflection

God honors and loves our honesty; at times, He must correct wrong thinking we have about Him and His power and sovereignty. Job being corrected is not because God didn’t want to hear his complaint, but because Job’s heart had come to start believing about God what is not true of Him.

Journal Prompt

What are some ways that you might think wrongly of God in the midst of your waiting and longing?

Friday, March 1

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31, Job 39

Explanation + Reflection

In previous chapters, Job states the “if I have…then…” statements of his own character. He challenged God saying that if he had sinned, he might have deserved this tragedy, but Job asserts his uprightness to God. God’s correction comes to Job to realign Job’s heart to a greater understanding that God’s ways are not punitive like this but vast and beyond Job’s comprehension.

Journal Prompt

What does it feel like to you to read God’s correction of Job?

Saturday, March 2

Read Scripture: Psalm 22:23-31, Job 42:1-9

Explanation + Reflection

Job comes to God in repentance and understanding — our minds cannot grasp the vastness of the ways of Almighty God. God then states that Job had spoken of God rightly and honors Job to his friends.

Journal Prompt

How can you “speak rightly of God” in the midst of your circumstances?