Serving on the Music Team

We love that you have expressed interest in serving on the music team at Reach! We like to think that we don't take ourselves too seriously, but take Jesus and a life lived for Him very seriously.

We want to be a group of good friends who love to worship Jesus together with the gifts He's given us - whether they are on stage or off! We achieve that by valuing His presence, community, excellence, authenticity, and honor.

Right now, our teams are full. However we still invite you to complete the form so you’re on our radar.

Here are a few things we look for in our musicians, vocalists, and audio engineers:

  • Passionate about Jesus
  • Passionate about music
  • Excellent in character
  • Well prepared
  • Humble
  • Engaged
  • Committed and faithful
  • Skilled at their craft

Additionally, here are a few prerequisites for being on the team:

  • Be a part of the church. Examples: attend gatherings, join a group, be in DNA or meaningful relationships with others.
  • If you are a musician, know the Nashville Number System. Be able to play to click/metronome and stay in time.
  • Own a set of in-ear monitors.
  • Be down with our typical weekly schedule. Thursday rehearsal at 7pm, Sunday call time at 6:45am. We setup together, play morning gatherings, tear down our stage, and then wrap up!

Audition Process

We’ll choose a few songs that highlight your ability and give us a good feel for where you are as a musician or vocalist. At that point, you’ll video yourself performing those songs. If you are vocalist, we’d love for you to sing acapella or with an accompaniment track. If you are a musician, we’d love for you to play along with an accompaniment track. Whatever the case, make sure we can hear you clearly and that we get an accurate representation of your skills! After you’ve sent the video to us, we’ll watch, take notes, and be back to you shortly.

There are 3 potential outcomes to your audition:

  • YES
  • NOT YET. There's an area where you need to grow before jumping in. We'll share specific feedback and encourage you to keep working at it. Plan on scheduling another audition in the near future.
  • NO. At this time, it's best to find another area of the church to serve. This may be because of a specific position being filled. If you are passionate about your craft, continue working at it and try again during the next round of auditions.
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