Who we are

We take Jesus seriously.
Ourselves? Not so much.

Let’s be honest.

We don’t need another show. We don’t need a toxic conversation that pits us versus them. We don’t need another distraction. Most of us are looking for belonging, healing, and purpose.

Well, God is bringing hope into every nook and cranny of the world, and He's inviting us to be a part of it. Together. The formerly hopeless becoming ambassadors of hope. Sounds a lot like what we're all looking for, doesn't it?

This is a seven year-old mission statement (and graphic, by the way) from when Reach was formed. It still represents what we think matters most.

Our Values



God is reaching out to you — that’s the gospel. Through Jesus, God is inviting you to a relationship. That’s the craziest thing we believe: God loves the real you.



We want to make our entire life a “thank you” to Jesus for what he’s given us. Because we’ve been changed, auto-pilot isn’t an option. Instead, we choose to worship God with our everyday, doing-the-dishes lives—not just our Sunday morning selves. For us, Sunday is a day to celebrate what God’s been up to all week long.



Being the church means we don’t just go to church, we are the church. God has made us family, and that’s not just a buzz word for us. Being a lone ranger isn’t an option for followers of Jesus. We all need people we can trust and grow with.



We don’t exist just to encourage each other, but to love and serve the cities where God has placed us. We invite others to follow Jesus, we serve the hurting and marginalized, and we send people to do the same across the country and the globe.


We’re getting together this Sunday, and you’re officially invited. Bible, prayer, worship, friends. Yes!



Since church is not a building, event, or institution, we believe that profound experiences happen in living rooms and coffee shops as often as they do in crowded auditoriums.


We are a family of churches

We’re a regional family of churches united by common mission, vision, and values. Each congregation is empowered to creatively engage their context with the Gospel, finding their unique place in God’s story of redemption in the Seattle region and beyond. 

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Got questions?

What are Reach's beliefs?

We are a gospel-centered community that celebrates the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. You can also read our belief statement to learn more about what we believe.

We also affirm the historic Nicene Creed and feel closely aligned with the beliefs outlined in The Lausanne Covenant.

What types of people are a part of this church?

All kinds. Older, younger, singles, married people. Our desire is to be a church of the nations for the nations — being a big and diverse family is part of God’s design.

Do you believe in the weird stuff I’ve heard about in churches?

We definitely believe in the stuff in the Bible. For example, we don’t just believe Jesus was a good teacher — we believe he’s the Son of God, lived a sinless life, died to pay an eternal debt for all our sin, rose to new life in God’s power, and will return again to this earth. Churches without weird things are confusing.

I’m skeptical about Christianity, am I still welcome?

Absolutely. Ask questions, use your intelligence, enjoy the moment.

Are you a Spirit church or a Bible church?

Yes? We’re often trying to follow Jesus’ example of being both/and (not either/or). Jesus was both divine and human, and his life on earth was defined by both truth and grace, justice and mercy. That same spirit applies to much of our interpretation, preferences, and style.

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