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Because the hope is too big to keep to ourselves.

We're a church committed to planting churches.

Reach was started by two families who wanted to build a space for their friends to follow Jesus, serve their city, and invite others to do the same.

God saw fit to bless the simplicity of that vision greatly, and we want similar stories multiplied across the Seattle region and beyond. So, we train new planters, and send our very best to start new churches that will equip people to be the church and reach the city — wherever that city may be.

Churches We've Planted

Reach Everett and and Reach New Castle (PA) share our name, mission, vision, and values, but are empowered to creatively engage their context with the Gospel, finding their unique place in God’s story. They have their own local pastors, preachers and leaders, and hope to send out plants of their own in due time.

Risen Hope is an autonomous church led by leaders we love that planted out of Reach in 2017.

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Additional churches we support

Grace & Mercy Church
Everett, WA
Response Church
Anchorage, AK
Park hill church
San diego, CA
Flourish church
Seattle, WA
the house la
Los angeles, ca
Christ Crucified Fellowship
New york city
karis church
Tokyo, japan

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We're committed to being aggressively generous toward the great things God is doing in our backyard and around the world. 20% of this year's annual budget goes straight out the door to church plants, missionaries, nonprofits, and people in need. We’ve increased this by a percentage point each year since Reach started.

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