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Beautiful Gift: God’s Design for Sexuality

Sex. To say it’s trending is an understatement. Sex is popular and powerful. It can sell cars and beer and toothpaste.

But this kind of sex that is being mass-marketed, sold and resold, promoted and repackaged…is it the real thing?

Is it still the Beautiful Gift it was designed to be?

As we continue studying Paul’s ancient letter to the Corinthian church, we’ve arrived at three full chapters dedicated to the subject of sex. Sadly, Paul does not have any applause to give. It seems that confusion reigned in Corinth a lot like in King County.

In both culture and the Church today, we often have more questions than clarity.

Thankfully, in example after example, Paul uncovers and restores God’s Beautiful Gift with crystal clarity, for which we too are desperate.

Nearly two millennia since quill was put to parchment, these words still reverberate with the Divine Life that can resurrect the most wounded, misunderstood, abused and broken places in our world. They are words from a Spirit that can heal our culture, our city, our body… and our very souls.

Sex was made by God as a Beautiful Gift. It still is, and it can be again.

Join us for Beautiful Gift, an 8-week series through 1st Corinthians 5-7, starting April 30th.

Here’s what to expect

Friendly people will greet you, help you find your way around, answer your questions, and make you feel at home. We have safe, fun environments for the kids.


Our gatherings are typically a little over an hour long. We’ll sing a few songs as part of our response to all God has done for us. Then someone on stage will pray for real needs that exist within our community, in other local churches, or elsewhere in the world.


We’ll ask God to teach us more about himself and what it looks like to follow Jesus.


Whether that’s connecting with others and learning more about Reach at an Open House, finding a place to serve, or just coming back next week, we’ll make sure you know all the doors that will be wide open for you.

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