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Now What?

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Be Real

It’s time to make some plans for how we’re going to move forward. Let’s face it - this is the point where many of us struggle. We want to be spoon-fed, but Reach’s culture holds strong value in owning our own growth. Why? When we take ownership over our rhythms, it tends to last! There’s a lot of ways to grow, but we need to make some decisions and commit for a season.

Choose a Path

How do we want to grow?

Option 1)
Read a book of the Bible over the course of several weeks. We can read separately and come prepared to discuss what we’ve read, or we can read together when we meet.

Option 2) Use new DNA Guides as they’re made available.

Option 3) Discuss and apply Sunday sermons that we hear on Sundays and the podcast.  

Here’s what some of our long-standing DNAs consider best-practices:

  • Check in on each other during the week from time to time and pray.
  • Have a group text.
  • Mix some fun weeks into your time together. (sports games, concert, etc)
  • Schedule some weeks in new environments (walks, on a boat, at coffee or a pub).
  • Learn to grow at asking questions.
  • It helps when one person doesn’t feel like the only leader. In this small environment where the objective is care… take graceful ownership.
  • Empower your introverts!
  • Help each other plan for meaningful next steps in growth as they’re discovered.

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