Small Group Bible Study

A Church that Remains
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Luke 24
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We've spent so much time talking about what it looks like to be a person who remains in Jesus. But how do we practically do that? These next five weeks we will share five different practices which will help you remain as well as mature in your faith.

Share Your Study Habits

How often do you read the Bible? Rarely? Monthly? Weekly? Daily?

What books or sections do you gravitate towards most? What do you avoid? Why do you think that is?

When you are finished with your study time what do you most often realize or feel?

What is the greatest obstacle between you and consistent study habits?

Consider this Quote

“Although I wouldn’t have known how to talk about it back then, slowly but surely the Scriptures were becoming a place of human striving and intellectual hard work. Somehow, I had fallen into a pattern of using the Scriptures as a tool to accomplish utilitarian purposes rather than experiencing them primarily as a place of intimacy with God for my own souls sake.” - Ruth Haley Barton, Sacred Rhythms

"...slowly but surely the Scriptures were becoming a place of human striving..."

  • Have you ever felt this way about studying the Bible?
  • Why do you think its tempting to treat studying the Bible as hard work instead of heart work?

" I had fallen into a pattern of using the Scriptures."

  • What do you think she means in saying this?
  • In a social media, self-focused culture what ways do you think we've used Scripture instead of remained in Scripture?

“A place of intimacy with God for my own souls sake."

  • Have you experienced Bible study as a place of intimacy with God?
  • What do you think might be keeping you from that if not?
  • Do you think intimacy in study should be structured and planned or somewhat spontaneous? What requires more discipline for you? What requires more trust?

Jumpstart Your Study

Pick a section of scripture that you are very familiar with and read it every day, multiple times through for one week.

  • Ask God to reveal something new to you in that section of scripture.
  • Every time something seems to stand out to you write it down.
  • At the end of the week, share with your DNA what was revealed to you.
  • What "new things" were found in something you though you knew very well?
  • What does this exercise reveal about the living, breathing word of God?

Challenge Your Study

Need something new to challenge your current study times?

Pick a word. Ask God to give you a word to study in depth until the end of 2020.

Pick a Bible Study. Ask your pastor or your ministry lead for a Bible study recommendation for the rest of 2020.

Pick a promise. Pick a promise that God gives to his people in the Bible and study everything you can about it.

Pick a problem. Pick a problem that is currently in your life and ask God to reveal his solutions to it in Scripture.

Pick a book. Pick a book of the Bible and read it verse by verse until you finish it.