Small Group Bible Study

No Greater Love
 - Week 

Thank God, There's a Helper

John 15:25-27
Discussion Guide
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If abiding in Jesus and bearing fruit feels impossible, you’re right. We can’t do what we’ve been called to do without divine assistance. Luckily, there’s a helper committed to teaching, reminding and guiding us.

Let's read together.


26 “When the Counselor comes, the one I will send to you from the Father —the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father—he will testify about me. 27 You also will testify, because you have been with me from the beginning."

Some key statements and questions put forward that are important for us to talk about…


"When the Counselor comes..."

  • The word counselor means, "comforter, advocate, helper".
  • Why do you think out of all the words John could have used to describe the Holy Spirit, paraclete, was his choice?
  • John is unique in using this word, in what way do you need the Advocate to come to your aid?

"the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father—"

  • What does it mean that "the Spirit of trust proceeds from the Father"? Hint: Who made this possible?
  • The Holy Spirit is also identified as fire and wind in the Bible.
  • Why do you think the "Spirit of truth" is associated with forces that are otherwise dangerous? What does this reveal about the Spirit's power?

“He will testify about me. You also will testify..."

  • The Spirit testifies about Jesus. Share a time when you spoke truth and life to someone about Jesus.
  • Why is it important that the Spirit get credit for our ability to testify about Jesus?
  • Would you say you are Spirit-filled? What makes this true of you? What questions do you have about the Holy Spirit if you aren't sure?


"The Holy Spirit is our teacher, reminder, testifier, and guide to the truth." How amazing is it that God through Jesus provides us with a helper in the very places we can't help ourselves? Write down a few things you've been taught, reminded, testified or guided by the Spirit this week.

“All of those things are impossible without the word of God in your life.” The word of God is the primary vehicle for the Spirit to help us. How often are you relying, studying, and praying through the word? What is something that has been recently revealed to you by the Spirit?

"Have the humility to start over in a season." Starting over is simply admitting that you need to be reminded of truth once again. What is something you need the Spirit to remind you of?


The Holy Spirit teaches. Read through John 15 and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal something of God's truth to you as you do.

The Holy Spirit reminds. Read through John 15 again and ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of a truth you've forgotten.

The Holy Spirit guides. Read through John 15 one last time. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in next steps to respond to what you've read.