1 Year - Elementary

Reach Kids

Reach Kids have fun, make friends, and learn about life with Jesus every Sunday morning.

Jesus loves kids.

Our small friends aren’t the church of tomorrow...

As part of our family, they are the church right now. We can learn from them, protect them, befriend them, and enjoy Jesus together.

It’s our job and privilege to humbly serve them well.

This is our goal: make disciples, partner with and equip families, and grow together in the knowledge and love of Jesus.

Oh, ya... and have tons of fun.

What does Reach Kids look like right now?

Reach Kids is now gathering safely in-person on Sunday mornings for 1s through 5th Grade at both Sunday services. No Pre-Registration is needed. On Sunday morning, you'll find signs guiding you to the Kids Check-In.

Meet the Kids Team

The Kids Team is made up of all sorts of people, and they get to love kids of all sorts.

Our small army of faithful volunteers make up the face of the operation and are ready to welcome your family every week and have fun.

Kids Director

I have the incredible honor of leading Reach Kids. I get to work with a wonderful team of volunteers who help kids learn about Jesus and have tons of fun every week! Along with a deep desire for kids to understand that God knows them, loves them, and offers them life through Jesus, I’m also passionate about training leaders and equipping parents for discipleship. I married my best friend, Roy, in 2011 and started nannying that year as well, which I continue to do part-time. Roy and I began attending Reach in 2014 and we’ve called it home ever since. I love coffee, drawing, singing, space, movies, space movies, and running the occasional triathlon.

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Kids Director
Kids Coordinator

Hello! I'm Katelyn Lewis, a nursing student with a heart for serving others. My passion is to dedicate my life to caring for God's children. I found my place at Reach in 2019 in the college community at the time. Since then, I've been an active part of our church. In 2022-2023, I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Reach internship in Youth, where I honed my skills and deepened my commitment to serving the younger generation. When I am not working or at school, you will find me with my family. I love them!

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Kids Coordinator

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Friends that feel like family


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