Throughout this transition, allow yourself to feel whatever rises up within you — sadness, excitement, anger, fear, hope, or anything else – and invite the Spirit and those you trust into your processing. Use the four sets of thoughts and questions below to help you.

1. Make Room For Grief

Every transition involves a death of sorts, a loss of what was. We must get in touch with what exactly we are losing, which may take longer than we’re comfortable with…and that’s okay.

  • What losses are you grieving as Reach goes through this transition?
  • When have you experienced loss in the past? How did you respond? How do you tend to cope with grief?
  • What might it look like to practice abiding in Jesus in the midst of the ambiguity, sadness, or fear you are experiencing?
  • Consider processing your responses to these questions with a close friend or counselor.

2. Reflect on Past Transitions

Before we can move into new beginnings, we might need to recognize how our anxiety about the future could be connected to difficult transitions in the past.

  • Take a moment to reflect on your past experiences with transition. (e.g. past church stuff, divorce, moving, switching schools, etc.)
  • How does this experience feel similar to those in your past? How might this experience be different?
  • Are there any fears that come up for you regarding this transition? Any questions?

3. Look For What God Might Be Doing

In many cases, the loss we face in a transition creates the space required for new life, growth, and opportunity.

  • As you consider this transition, what hopes do you have for Reach? What are you most excited about?
  • Who is also working through this transition that you can stay connected to along the way?
  • What role do you feel Jesus is personally inviting you to play in the future of Reach?

4. Pray with Specificity

Reach is a people of prayer, and the most meaningful, powerful thing we can do in this season is to be unified as we pray for specific things.

  • Unity for our church as a whole as we walk forward together.
  • Clarity and provision for Brian, Emilie, and their kids as they trust God for their next steps.
  • Blessing over Scot Pollok as he steps into seasonal leadership as our Pastor in Residence.
  • Wisdom and clarity as the search for a new lead teaching pastor begins.
  • Holy Spirit empowerment as we keep living with great purpose for God’s glory and the good of the cities he has placed us in, here and now.

The elders are here for you and/or your Group as we process and walk this out together. Email them at elders@reachchurch.cc

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