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Fantastic Food. Film. Conversation.

Got questions? None are off the table at Alpha — a safe place to explore the Christian faith, no matter your background, beliefs, or doubts.

Starting September 15th

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Many feel the Church is not safe for doubt and questions. We want to change that.

Alpha is a safe space for curious or skeptical folks from all walks of life to engage with life’s most meaningful questions.

What is Alpha?

Alpha is an evening of food, film, and conversation where people from all kinds of backgrounds gather around a (truly great) meal, watch a short thought-provoking film, and engage in meaningful table conversations.

There’s no obligation to say anything, and there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously!) It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment, without needing to get it right or being judged.

No question or comment is too big or small.

No judgment. No pressure. No cost.

Everyone has a seat at the table, no matter your background or belief.

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Who is alpha for?

Alpha is open to anyone who wants to explore the Christian faith – no matter your background, beliefs, or doubts. It's safe to ask any question and the evenings focus on forming authentic friendships, listening, and exploring questions. In this process, our hope is that hearts are touched by the love and grace of God.

Alpha is for anyone to have big conversations about the foundational questions of life. Millions of folks around the world have tried Alpha for this reason. You should try it too.

Sometimes people just have a good friend or partner who is a Christian and come because they want to learn the fundamentals to better understand their friend/partner.

Some people once had faith and come to Alpha to rediscover if that was just a thing of the past or something they want to pursue in the future.

Others come who have never heard about Jesus before and are curious to know why a Jewish carpenter who lived 2000 years ago still has so much influence today.

Whether you’ve walked with Jesus for decades, or a couple hours, or aren’t even sure if you want to — this is your opportunity to explore the Christian faith and ask questions in a friendly, open, and informal environment with people asking similar questions.

What can I expect?

Alpha runs Sunday evenings for 10 weeks with a weekend getaway in the middle.

Each evening you’ll join people from all walks of life who are on a quest for meaning and purpose, just like you. Your table-mates will remain the same, so you can build trust and friendship over time.

First A fantastic meal

We kickstart each evening with a fantastic meal, prepared by our in-house chef and his family!

Then A Short Film

We’ll watch a short film that addresses some of life’s biggest questions.

table Discussion

After the film you’ll have an opportunity to share thoughts and hear from others at your table. There’s no judgment here, and all questions and thoughts are welcome!

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