Summer 2022 Meeting Notes

June 22, 2023

The Elder Team invites you to join us in praying for the following topics:

  • For new volunteer team members to be added to our Sunday Serve Teams for their long term thriving and sustainability.
  • For God to bring the right people forward to join Reach’s staff in the current open roles.
  • For God to continue to call people, both young and old, to be baptized and make Reach a home. We rejoice over the growth and professions of faith in our community, especially among the Youth and Kids.
  • For a building that will serve as Reach’s permanent home to present itself in perfect timing, and for the resources to make its acquisition possible.

June 2022

With contributions from Aaron Tedrow, Erin Sanchez, and Zach Hendricks, the Elders used several meetings in June preparing to care for the church in a cultural moment where issues of the sanctity of life and abortion would be in the headlines. The Elders agree that it is not our role to provide political commentary and that we don’t all have to agree to be a part of the same church. Rather, our priority is to help Reach think Biblically, make a firm declaration of the sanctity of life, share the ways Reach has and will continue to live out this conviction, and re-present the many ways to receive Care at Reach.

July 2022

In July, Executive Director Rob Garey presented an early preview of the budget for the new fiscal year, beginning September 2022 - August 2023. As well, Rob provided updates on the Northwest University Chapel remodel, staff hiring update (two new hires in July– an Executive Assistant and Kids Coordinator), and the launch of the Reach Counseling Center. As well, Rick Grimm began a process of reviewing the Reach bylaws with outside legal counsel to refresh these from the last update in 2016.

August 2022

We welcomed back Brian McCormack from his sabbatical, debriefed that experience with him, and brought him up-to-speed on all that God has been doing at Reach over the Summer. We prepared final modifications to the new Fiscal Year budget, finalized the proposal to clarify the role of Pastors at Reach, and have a unanimous consensus that an increased focus on deepening discipleship at Reach is a priority for the next ministry year.

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