Live Video Production Intern

Job Description

  • Are you familiar with the world of live video production? Could you watch YouTube videos about gear for hours?
  • Are you inspired by the behind-the-scenes production of churches killing it in the world of live video?
  • Are you passionate about creativity, teamwork, and the joy that comes from a well executed plan?

The Role

What would you say you do here?

The Live Production Intern works with our Communications + Media Lead to execute our livestream video and media production on Sundays with efficiency, creativity and excellence. Each week you will prepare media content that enhances our on-stage and online communication and play a key role in making our gatherings effective both in-person and online, through video experiences that minister to over seven hundred people each week. Along the way you will gain a skillset fit for live video production in the professional and church-world, and become proficient in a professional video rig's signal flow, camera operation, broadcast direction, and video presentation software.

The Right Fit

What qualities does a person in this position bring to the table?  

Gifts and Abilities:

  • You have a passion for Jesus, the church, and video production.
  • You love video and camera technology, and executing an excellent creative plan.
  • You are a creative person that loves both art and order. You innovate within limitations and create beauty using technology.
  • You are a people person and empower your teammates with encouragement and clear communication.
  • You have a natural intuition with technology, a mind that understands systems, and a gift for troubleshooting.
  • You pursue a collaborative culture and are humble in both giving and receiving constructive coaching.
  • You are hard working and pursue excellence. You don’t leave a job unfinished, and are hesitant to settle for ‘good enough’. You don’t have a need to be the best, but you want to give your best.
  • You are an owner of our church’s vision, and resonate with the culture and values of Reach Church.

Experience & Education:

  • You have both a functional and artistic interest in video broadcast production, including camera gear, video switchers, audio/video signal flow, and more. (As in: You’ve never done something as big and cool as Bethel Music’s video production, but you have a basic idea of how they do it, and what makes it great.)
  • College or early-post grad age.
  • Preferred: You have experience using ProPresenter software to both prepare and display slide and video content. We use the most advanced features and workflows this software offers.
  • Preferred: You have experience and familiarity with BlackMagic cameras and video switchers.
  • Preferred: You are pursuing a degree/career in video or in production for the church.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Live a lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders.
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously. We rage against ego here! You find your identity in Jesus and are not insecure or easily offended by honest feedback.
  • Your punctuality is a promise. You always show up on time and treat others’ schedules with honor.

Your Core Responsibilities

What does success look like for this position?

Prepare and Execute our Sunday Broadcast Production

  • Immerse yourself in our workflows. Receive thorough training on our mid-week preparation, setup/teardown process, video rig signal flow, creative approach to broadcast production, and more.
  • Create and organize all of our Sunday slide content: includes our song lyrics, sermon slides, speaker titles, photos and announcements slides, and more.
  • Edit and publish the previous week’s sermon video.
  • Depending on your capacity, you may gain experience scheduling our Production Crew on Planning Center.

Execute our Sunday Broadcast Production

  • You’re present from roll-in to roll-out, setting up our video gear, calibrating and troubleshooting, syncing up with the team, executing our services, and then tearing down.
  • Depending on your capacity, you may gain experience leading the Production Crew yourself each Sunday.

Partner with our Communications + Worship/Gatherings Teams

  • A weekly 1:1 meeting with the Communications + Media Lead to learn our workflows, sharpen your skills, and improve your workflow each week.

The Fine Print

Hours: The Live Production Intern will work 7:00AM to 1:00PM on Sunday mornings, and an additional 5 hours during the week.

Oversight: The Live Production Intern will report to the Communications + Media Lead, Stephen Garcia.

Compensation: $1,000 total stipend for 7 months (see Program Overview below for details).

Length of Internship: September 2023 - April 2024.

Additional Expectations: The Live Production Intern is expected to work an average of 12-15ish hours per week. Some weeks will be a bit more; some weeks will be a bit less.