Worship Intern

Job Description

  • Do you have a heart for worshipping Jesus in music and song?
  • Do you have a desire to be immersed in a worship team, working closely with a worship pastor to serve, plan, create, and execute?
  • Do you have a passion to grow in your God-given craft while serving the needs of a local church?

The Role

What would you say you do here?

The Reach Worship Intern will partner with our worship pastor/worship team to help carry out our desire to be a worshiping, singing, Spirit-filled, Scripture-rooted community. You are a Jesus-loving, musically skilled, highly-motivated, humble, passionate and teachable person. You have a passion for the Lord and ministering to Him, a love for music, and a heart for people. You are not passive in your pursuit of improving your craft. You are hungry to grow and learn. You want to bring your best to the Lord. You will come alongside our worship pastor on a weekly basis to help plan and execute services and worship gatherings. This role is very immersive. You will learn by being around and by doing. Certain aspects of this role will be tailored to your specific skill set.

The Right Fit

What qualities does a person in this position bring to the table?  

Gifts and Abilities:

  • You have a passion for Jesus, the church, and worship music.
  • You are a musician. You have a main instrument or you are a vocalist. You have a strong understanding of music and can communicate effectively. You can play or sing to a metronome comfortably and in time. Vocalists must grasp melody and harmony. Musicians should know Nashville number system.
  • You care about bringing your best when it comes to serving Jesus and the church.
  • Your gospel identity is more important than your craft.
  • Comfortable in highly collaborative team environments. You know how to give and receive constructive feedback.

Experience & Education:

  • 2 years of serving on a church/ministry music team in some capacity.
  • College or early-post grad age

Personal Characteristics:

  • You don’t take yourself too seriously. No ego.
  • Live a lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders.
  • You are highly motivated to grow as a musician and leader. You are willing and eager to put the time in to do so.
  • You have the means to practice and prepare music on your own time - your own instrument, in-ear monitors, laptop. Some tech-heavy responsibilities could be available pending your interest (Ableton prep, Planning Center management, DAW work, etc).

Your Core Responsibilities

What does success look like for this position?

Immerse Yourself In Worship / Gatherings Teams

  • Serve on a weekly basis on worship and gatherings teams. Sometimes you are up front leading worship. Sometimes you are behind the scenes supporting. Sometimes you are running technical tasks. You attend rehearsals. You help setup and help tear-down. In all scenarios, you are fully engaged in worshiping Jesus and serving His people.
  • Be a part of planning and executing services. Every Tuesday, meet with the worship pastor and assist with preparing and executing our Sunday services.
  • Partner with Worship Pastor to help craft worship sets, arrange songs, pray in new musical content, create calls to worship, support team culture, and beyond.

Serve as Lead Worship/Gatherings Administrator

  • Serve as the All-Seeing Planning Center Admin. Schedule worship teams on 3 month cycle. Weekly scheduling of staff and lay-people for Sunday services. Active management of accepts/declines and consequent check-ins/reschedules. Weekly finalizing of service order.
  • Weekly band communication via text message, reminding our volunteers of set lists, times, and other important notes that help them have a great week.
  • Weekly management of media + charts on Planning Center.

The Fine Print

Hours: The Worship Intern will work from 7:00AM to 1:00PM on Sunday mornings, and an additional 5 hours during the week.

Oversight: The Worship Intern will report to the Worship Pastor, Zach Hendricks.

Compensation: $1,000 total stipend for 7 months (see Program Overview below for details).

Length of Internship: September 2023 - April 2024.

Additional Expectations: The Worship Intern is expected to work an average of 12-15ish hours per week. Some weeks will be a bit more; some weeks will be a bit less. An audition is required alongside the intern interview.