Youth Intern

Job Description

  • Are you passionate about raising up the next generation of strong followers of Jesus and creating spaces for discipleship and community for middle schoolers and high schoolers?
  • Do you have a desire to work in vocational ministry?
  • Do you want to learn more about preaching, partnering with parents, serving, and growing as a leader?

The Role

What would you say you do here?

Here at Reach Youth (RY) we encourage middle school and high school students to live on purpose for God, be in relationship with Jesus, walk in step with the Holy Spirit, and lean into community together. As a Youth Intern, your job is to facilitate opportunities to build gospel centered relationships amongst students and commit to ongoing discipleship. The goal is to provide students a space with people who are there for them, that feel like family, and point them to Jesus. As a RY Intern we want you to champion your students, to reflect God’s heartbeat for them, and help them to be strong and grounded  followers of Jesus, as you also continue to grow in your own faith. At the same time, we want you to discover God’s heartbeat in you, to find the joy of partnering  with Him to further the mission of  the Gospel, and discover more of who God has called you to be.

The Reach Youth Intern will partner with our Youth Lead, Bella Provonost, and our RY team to help empower students to find the joy of partnering with Jesus, live on mission, and build a strong community. You are a Jesus-loving, passionate, highly-motivated, and teachable person. You have a passion for the Lord, a love for his people, and a strong desire to see students encounter Jesus. You are committed in your pursuit of Jesus, living a lifestyle that reflects him. You are not trying to be the best. You want to bring your best for God’s glory. You will come alongside our Youth Lead on a weekly basis to help dream, plan, serve behind the scenes, and gather students for the mission of seeing them live on mission and do it with one another. This role is very immersive and you will learn and grow by doing.

The Right Fit

What qualities does a person in this position bring to the table?  

Gifts and Abilities:

  • Passionate about discipling students. Time spent with students fills your bucket! You are as passionate about building relationships with families and their kids as you are about the vision for this ministry.
  • Excited about teaching and helping students understand the Scriptures.
  • Excellent at gathering people and making them feel welcome.
  • Confident, self-starter and a team builder! Able to work independently, and as a team member, while using discretion in decision-making.
  • Takes initiative and is bold with their leadership.

Experience & Education:

  • 1 year of experience working in student ministry, as a paid or volunteer leader.
  • College aged or early post-grad aged.
  • Have some experience with speaking and/or leading small groups.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Disciplined and committed to being a consistent presence.
  • Committed to the vision and mission of Reach Church.
  • Live a lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders.
  • Able to lead in relationship building with both parents and students.
  • A strong sense of emotional maturity. The ability to discern how students are feeling and lead them accordingly.

Your Core Responsibilities

What does success look like for this position?

Partner with the Youth Team

  • Be intentional about team building and relationships amongst the youth leaders.
  • Partner with the Youth Lead to build structure in messages, gatherings, events, and DNA’s
  • Seek out other leaders to partner together on different projects.
  • Prayer is just as important as prep. Attend weekly prayer times with the team.

Lean into all student discipleship

  • Be a  welcoming presence for all  students, especially new ones.
  • Weekly connect with your student DNA outside of youth gatherings by following up on prayer requests, inviting them to hangout, and being intentional about building friendships.
  • After every youth gathering, do your best to connect with the student's parents.
  • Utilize your voice and leadership to partner with the Youth lead and facilitate environments for  students to encounter Jesus.
  • Participate in MS + HS  gatherings and attend all RY events.

The Fine Print

Hours: The Youth Intern will work from 8:30AM to 1:00PM on Sunday mornings, and an additional 5 hours for projects during the week.

Oversight: The Youth Intern will report to Youth Lead, Bella Pronovost.

Compensation: $1,000 total stipend for 7 months (see Program Overview below for details).

Length of Internship: September 2023 - April 2024.

Additional Expectations: The Youth Intern is expected to work an average of 12-15ish hours per week. Some weeks will be a bit more; some weeks will be a bit less.