Make new friends by doing what you love.

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We believe fun is a spiritual discipline.

Meet-ups bring people together to create meaningful friendships around the things they love. They’re hosted, from initiation to execution, by anyone at Reach. We’ve seen Meet-ups be a place where people are connected, meals are shared, truths are learned, cities are served... and did we mention bacon was made?

Has finding community been a challenge? Not knowing where to start can be tough, and finding community can often feel forced when you’re brand new. Meet-ups break the tension between strangers by bringing people together around something they love.

Anyone can host a meet-up

Whether it’s hiking, reading, painting, or eating tacos—anyone can host a meet-up centered on something they love doing. You can host one by yourself, with a friend, or even as a Group. Simply fill out the Hosting form with the details of your meet-up, our team will be in touch, and it will soon be listed for others to join.

Types of Meet-ups


Do you love helping kids know God's story? Each week we have the best opportunity to teach Jesus and have fun.


The best way to build strong community is to be on mission together. Join others in serving the city through volunteering at a non-profit or serving people in need.


Connecting with new folks is our specialty. We help people feel welcome and point the way for visitors to have a great Sunday.


Interested in reading a specific book or discussing a specific topic? Get to know each other while learning together.

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Browse Meet-upsHost A Meet-up

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