An Important leadership Announcement

After much Spirit-led discernment and prayer, the elders have an announcement about a significant leadership transition at Reach. Watch the video from Sunday to learn more.

Four Ways to Process This Transition

Many different emotions may rise up within you as you hear this news. We’ve created a guide to help you invite the Spirit and those you trust into your processing. You can also email in a written message or upload a video of encouragement for the McCormacks.

Meet Interim Teaching Pastor, Scot Pollok

Pastor Scot Pollok is a long-time mentor and friend to the McCormacks, and served on Reach’s Advisory and Accountability Board when our church was first planted in 2013. He has since been a frequent visitor and guest speaker, preaching for us as recently as this past summer. Learn more about who Scot is and his heart to help serve our church through this time of transition by watching the video below.

Scot preached at Reach for the first time in 2013, and served on Reach’s Advisory and Accountability Board when our church was first planted.

Scot’s preaching to us in June was a powerful moment. His sermon ended with the opportunity for those present to come forward and take a puzzle piece home as a reminder that we all have a specific role to play in this greater family. Scot felt compelled to take a piece home himself, not knowing that he would soon be playing a more significant role in our church. If you missed it, watch it here.


We care deeply about walking well with our church into the coming season, which includes clear and transparent communication. We’ve prepared some expected questions and responses below, but if you have any further questions or concerns, we invite you to reach out to our Elder Team.

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