Christmas Eve
4:00pm + 6:00pm at NU

No AM service. Family style, no Reach Kids. Kids Choir at 4pm. More music + longer message at 6pm.

New Years Eve
10:00am at NU

No PM service. A morning of Worship + Prayer with Reach Kids available.

With your help, God’s mission will move forward through Reach in 2024.

If you call Reach home, we invite you to prepare an end-of-year financial gift as an offering above and beyond your regular giving. Giving to Reach is a cheerful, sacrificial act of thanksgiving to Jesus that moves His mission forward at Reach in 2024.

With everyone in our church family participating, we believe we can collectively raise $500,000 in December to help us meet our financial goals as a church for 2023.

Any investment above and beyond this will allow us to... (1) grow the capacity of the Reach Counseling Center, (2) invest in our ministry to the next generation in Reach Kids and Reach Youth, and (3) make preparations for a future permanent home for our church on the Eastside – a space for generations and nations to encounter the presence of God!

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We’re doing Christmas differently this year.

Every year itʼs the same: shopping, stressing, parties... It’s hard to be present and enjoy one of the most meaningful times of the year.

This Advent season we have a simple invitation: quiet your heart, and set your attention on Jesus, the soon-coming King.

During Advent, we join with those looking for a coming Rescuer — the mother Mary waiting for Him, the Shepherds rejoicing at the good news of Him, and the Magi journeying to find Him.

May you wait for the Lord Jesus. To your delighted surprise, the Messiah will arrive.


To help guide you in this season, on this page weʼve prepared weekly devotionals following our Sunday Advent themes. You can enjoy these in a quiet place with Jesus, or with family and friends.

Click here to text QUIET to 425-333-1048 and we’ll send you the devotional each week.

Week One – Hope

Hope is not just a feeling or idea – Hope is found in the person of Jesus.

Week Two – Faith

Faith is a simple, unshakeable confidence in the character of God.

Week Three – Joy

Joy – the resting heartbeat of trust in God.

Week Four – Peace

Peace is not the absence of chaos, it is the presence of God in the storm.

Christmas Day – Light

Jesus Christ is the unchangeable light that changes how we see all things.

Music Playlists

We’ve curated playlists to guide you in reflecting and rejoicing during Advent.


Advent praise songs from Nat King Cole, UPPERROOM, and Kings Kaleidoscope.


From Christmas hymns, to instrumental worship and Home Alone instrumentals.