Discipleship + Community Intern

Job Description

  • Do you desire to use your gift of hospitality to create spaces for people to discover Jesus?
  • Do you get excited by the thought of setting people up for success in their walk with Jesus?
  • Do you want to explore a calling to ministry, by partnering with and serving alongside seasoned vocational and lay leaders in our church?

The Role

What would you say you do here?

Reach exists for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus (Matt 28:19). Simply put, this is a call to follow Jesus and be formed into his image – look more like him, and orient our entire lives around him. This formation unto Jesus, both individually and in community, is at the core of everything we are and do. The Discipleship + Community Intern, in partnership with the Discipleship + Community Pastor, is committed to championing our efforts at the intersection of discipleship and community.

Your role will be instrumental in creating spaces for people to experience transformation, wherever they are in their journey with Jesus. This role may grow over time to include other responsibilities based on gifting, passion, experience, and ministry needs.

The Right Fit

What qualities does a person in this position bring to the table?  

Gifts and Abilities:

  • A Passion for Discipleship. Must possess a clear conviction that all followers of Christ must aim be formed into his image, and help others do the same.
  • Relational & Hospitable. Has a welcoming presence to make people feel like they belong. Introverted or extroverted, has a curiosity and desire to be involved in people’s lives, learn their stories, and come alongside them.
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills, and excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Strong administrative, and organizational skills. Ensures that all tasks are done correctly, thoroughly, and with precision.
  • Confident, self-starter and a team builder. Able to work independently, and as a team member, while using discretion in decision-making.

Experience & Education:

  • 1 year of experience working in a context of discipleship and/or community as a paid or volunteer leader.
  • College aged or early post-grad aged
  • Optional skills preferred, but not required: content writing, event planning

Personal Characteristics:

  • Your heart beats for Jesus, his Church, and his world.
  • A personal history of community life involvement.
  • Optional: some experience in discipling/mentoring, through walking alongside others in their faith journey.
  • Committed to the vision and mission of the church.
  • Live a lifestyle congruent with the biblical requirements for leaders.

Your Core Responsibilities

What does success look like for this position?

Discipleship Project (September-October)

  • During the first 2 months of internship, you will meet with the Discipleship + Community Pastor to brainstorm and develop an internship project idea.
  • You will finalize your project idea that you will then own and move forward to completion over the duration of your internship.
  • This project will align with your personal skills, passions, giftings, and growth areas. This project will be designed to play to your strengths while also growing and stretching you in other areas.
  • Examples:

    — This could be preparing a lecture or sermon.
    — A paper you want to research, explore and write, on a particular area of interest.
    — Facilitating a silent retreat, or a project in other spiritual practices.
    — Hosting a mission event, such as serving the city in a specific area of interest.

    These are just examples to get your wheels turning. But you are more than welcome to dram of something entirely different!

Alpha (January-April)

  • Alpha is a series of dinners hosted by Reach, where folks get to explore the Christian faith in community with one another, over 10 weeks. This is a beautiful example of the intersection of discipleship and community. You can learn more at reachchurch.cc/alpha
  • The intern will have an opportunity to support these efforts, be part of leading a team of volunteers that make Alpha happen.
  • Should you desire, you will get an opportunity to host/MC some of these evenings.
  • Admin responsibilities during the week such as managing logistics, corresponding with Alpha guests and volunteers, etc.
  • The entire Alpha team devotes their Sunday evenings to serve in various roles from food prep to setup to teardown to welcome & hospitality. This is approximately 5-9pm for 10-12 Sundays in Spring. During the Alpha season, your other responsibilities will diminish so you have bandwidth to stay healthy.

Community (year-round)

  • Once a month, we gather our 60+ Community Group leaders, for a time of equipping and engagement. This happens at 11am on Sundays during the second service, and is a great opportunity for you to learn from practitioners of community life in our church.
  • Admin support for new community events, meetups and groups launches.

The Fine Print

Hours: The Discipleship + Community Intern will serve 8:30AM to 1:00PM on Sunday mornings, and an additional 5 hours during the week on project time. Spring times differ during Alpha season as described above.

Oversight: The Discipleship + Community Intern will report to the Discipleship + Community Pastor.

Compensation: $1,000 total stipend for 7 months (see Program Overview below for details).

Length of Internship: September 2023 - April 2024.

Additional Expectations: The Discipleship + Community Intern is expected to work an average of 12-15ish hours per week. Some weeks will be a bit more; some weeks will be a bit less.