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The Bible and a few good friends can change a lot.

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DNAs are the primary place we grow at Reach.

DNAs are 3-5 people of the same gender who meet regularly to read the Bible, pray, and point each other to Jesus. Because it’s so challenging to be honest in a big group setting, DNAs are the main thing our church does to grow towards Jesus and care for each other.

Here’s our best practices to keep it simple and have a great experience:

  • Be Real – Catch up, tell stories, laugh together. Remember that Jesus slowed down to have relationship with trusted friends.
  • Grow Together – Dig into scripture, point each other to Jesus, be encouraging, bear each other’s burdens. Jesus spoke the truth and loved.
  • Take Next Steps – Pray, make plan for accountability and growth, follow Jesus in real time.

How to get started:

1. Find your people

Making friends at Reach happens by getting on serving teams, hosting and attending Meet-ups, or joining a Group.

2. Ask some friends.

The ball’s in your court. Invite some folks to join your DNA. It always feels good to be invited!

3. Make a plan.

Pick a regular time and place that will be convenient for your DNA. Get set up with the weekly guides we publish online.

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